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It's December!

So I just realized it's December 11th and I have yet to do a post in December! I had actually gotten in a habit of writing a few posts at Starbucks on my hubby's day off and scheduling them ahead of time. Well...I haven't had time to go to Starbucks and write and now his schedule is different for the holidays, so I may not get another chance. When I finally have a "free" moment to blog, I usually have to do a forgotten load of laundry, or now wrap Christmas presents and get Christmas cards out! December is always busy busy!

This post will catch you up on the first couple of weeks of my December!
Beware! Picture overload ahead! haha :)

First things first...I have been participating in an Instagram/Twitter "Challenge" since Dec. 1st! It has been a lot of fun and there are sooo many awesome pictures being posted everyday! 

Here are the amazing hosts of this challenge!
Abby from Back at Square Zero (IG: BackAtSquare0)
Rebecca from Rebecca Roams (IG: RebeccaRoams) 
Kat from Sneakers and Fingerpaints (IG: katsnf) Mindy from Mindy’s Fitness Journey (IG: mindyartze) 
Kate from Run With Kate (IG: runwithkate) 
Sarah from Mom Running On Empty (IG: momonempty) Mindy at Road Runner Girl (IG: roadrunnergirl) 
Gina at Noshing on Asphalt (IG:AsphaltNosher)

For day 3 "work it" I posted this adorable pic of Sophie's version of Planking on my yoga mat!
Gotta love the Grinch diaper! Just adds that touch of Christmas too it! HaHa :)

I've been doing plenty of running and have been very proud of myself for keeping at it, even when I don't want to! Thanks to this lovely lady helping me with some motivation most days!

I know you see her pic up here all the time, but I believe this deserved a little praise!
We were on a 4mile run and her littlest daughter was just not happy to be sitting in that stroller. She had been crying for her mommy for quite some time. For the last 1.2 miles, we walked and she carried her daughter on her back! A Mother Runner has to do what a Mother Runner has to do! I know we didn't get to "finish" our 4 mile "run" per say, but we did finish 4 miles and her baby girl was much happier napping on her mommas back! :) 

On our runs, we go down this long trail of nothing but woods. One Day, we cam across this tree!

Someone had randomly decorated it! 
It was so cute and made us all smile! :)

This past weekend, I drove to Waco to visit my parents. While packing, we had a little fun...

The newest way to pack a baby! :)

We met my lovely parents at a very nice. new hotel! :)

They, of course, had fun spoiling Sophie rotten! :)

The whole reason we were there, is my dad got inducted into the Grand Lodge of Texas as a District Deputy in the Masons! 

It was a very big deal and I'm super proud of him! :)

Here is the very pretty tree in the lobby of the hotel we stayed at!

Sophie had to point at it every time we walked in or out! HaHa
She loves Christmas lights! :)

We then preceded to do a lot of this:

Yes...Stuffing our faces with lots of fast food.
Not healthy at all, but our only real option at the time.

I did get in one good run at the Hotel gym though!

All alone for a nice 3 miles! :)
The air was not on, so it was a very sweaty 3 miles!
I usually hate the dreadmill, but I actually enjoyed it this time!
I loved that I was able to run the entire 3 miles at a steady pace and feel great the whole time!
Except for the 1 point where I was playing on my iPad and accidentally hit the emergency stop button! HaHa! I almost fell off the thing! At least I was alone! :)

 While we were there, my parents got to play Santa and bring presents to Sophie from a few friends back home! Sophie got a Mrs. Potato Head from her Aunt Crissy! She loves this thing and plays with it everyday now! She keeps trying to put the ears on in the right place, but always misses! haha. Oh and yes...she has put the lips on the behind and I did laugh pretty hard! lol :)

She also got this very cute Hooded Blanket from my moms friend!
This thing is sooo soft and cuddly! 
She puts it on her head and runs around like it's a cape! :)

My dad also had to get her a Pink cowboy hat!
It was a total necessity! HaHa :)

We also got to visit with my Grandpa! :)

It was great to see him since we didn't get to see him for Thanksgiving and we won't be seeing him for Christmas either! 

We even had a couple of snuggle times on our trip! :)

I love it when she wants to snuggle! :)

Since we have gotten back, Sophie has done a lot of this...

I'm pretty sure she either caught a bug, or all of the horrible food we ate did a number on her stomach. She has had a bad tummy ache ever since and has been very clingy and sleepy. I hope she gets to feeling better soon! 

When she's not sleeping, she's being super silly! :)

I sure love this girl!

And helping momma cook! :)

We have matching aprons and she loves to have me put hers on and then she stand on the stool to watch me cook on the stove! It keeps her entertained while I try to cook dinner! lol :)
Can't wait to start my Christmas baking so she can help me stir! :)

I think we are all caught up with the pictures now! 

As for my workouts, I have added the Ultimate sandbag! I do this full body move for 5 sets of 20 and I can really feel the burn! I am also continuing to do my Plank A Day whenever I remember!

Getting better! :)

It had FINALLY starting to get cold here in Texas and I am getting excited about running in the cold weather! I have my weather shield for my BOB and I'm ready to go! :)

Tomorrow, I am going to attempt to run a 12K (7.45mi) for 12-12-12!
It's the Run With Jess' Pick 12 Challenge! :)

2 years ago, my hubby and I ran a 10K for 10-10-10 and I would love to do it again since this is the last time this will happen! 

And last, but certainly not least...
Personal Savers is having a Christmas Special going on until Sunday, Dec. 16th!

This is a great deal and would make great Stocking stuffers! Even if you aren't a runner!

And Road ID is offering 10% off until Christmas Eve!

This also makes a great stocking stuffer! Just order soon so you will have it in time for Christmas! :)

Personal Saver Pepper Spray


  1. Just found your blog via Girls Gone Sporty - I'm a new ambassador and wanted to stop by and say hi! Love your blog and am looking forward to connecting! :)



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