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5K Foam Fest Recap!!!

On Saturday, November 3rd, my friend Maggie and I set out to get Foamy! :)

I love how our Shirts turned out! 
And I especially LOVE my daughters!
It says "My Mom Runs 13.1 for Fun"! :)

She loved that there was a playground nearby so she could play while waiting for mom to finish getting  muddy and foamy! :)

She was such a good girl for my friend Connie! I was so proud! :)

They had a couple of food trucks set up so you could eat lunch there! 

There were several different start times to choose from, starting at 8 am and the last one starting at 12:40 pm. Maggie and I chose 12:20 because she was coming in from out of town late on Friday night and we had an hour drive to get there Saturday morning. With a toddler in tow, it's hard to get out the door early, so we just chose a later time. When we arrived, we saw a bunch of people in the parking lot covered in mud and foam! It looked like they had fun! We walked to the packet pickup to get out bibs and then walked around a bit to see what we could find! We walked around a corner, and there was the "Death Drop" slides.

It doesn't look that tall in the pics, but it is REALLY tall in person.  I will admit my heart jumped a bit! I'll go in to details a bit later on that! 

After walking around a bit, it was finally time to get to the start and wait our turn to go! 

They already had foam at the starting line to run through! 
They made us repeat "I will not inhale the foam" several times before starting! HaHa
Turned out, it was a bit hard not too!

The first obstacle we went through was a big bouncy house full of foam! It was fun and got me even more excited about what lied ahead! We then went on to a foamy area with bouncy balls hanging and hitting you in the face while running through it! It was fun and not painful like it sounds! haha And then we had to "run" up a dirt hill. We eventually ended up on all fours to get up!  Glad there were no pictures of that one! We then had to climb over a 5' wall! I didn't think I could do it, but I did! 

And then this...

A 50' slip n slide! We took off running so we could go through all the way, but it didn't happen! We both stopped a little over half way and had to crawl through the rest! It was pretty hilarious, but it was the best part of the race for me! I would love a race with one of these at every mile! HaHa!

Then this happened...

Yes that's me after I fell! HaHa :)

Glad we were done with that one!

OMG It was quite embarrassing for the both of us and I did not post all of the hilarious pictures my bother took of us! My brother and my friend Connie (Maggie's sister) were CRACKING up! We had to cross the water on these slippery pads like you were "walking" on water! Yeah, more like we CRAWLED and slipped on water! HaHa! It may have been embarrassing, but it was definitely an experience I'll always remember! 

After getting soakedt, we came upon the "Stumpy Jumper" where the workers there told us we had to dive in the foam! Well, one of the "stumps" had been moved and Maggie dove face first into a hole! It was hilarious for me to see! Not so much for her! We both ate foam though! So much for the 'I will not inhale the foam" thing! :) Then we came across the "trench". The worker there told me it was only about knee deep. Well it was up to my waist! And it took a couple of times for me to get out! I kept slipping! I'm sure that was pretty funny to watch too! 

FYI...the workers there were awesome! They encouraged you and joked with you. They made it that more fun! :)

Then we had an 8' wall we had to go over! This one was scarier and much harder since we were all soaking wet and super muddy by then! It was very slippery, but I made it! And I was sore the next day because of it! HaHa :) Then we went through a spider crawl and had to walk through a buch of ropes tied to trees. Then I had to climb on the ropes! They called it the "Cargo Climb". This was very, very scary for me. Nothing to catch you if you fell and it was shaking as everyone else was climbing over! Plus, your feet were all muddy and it was hard to get a good grip, but in the end, I did it! With some help of others encouraging me! :)

Then came the "Death Drop"!

We waited in line to do this for about 30-40 min. But it was totally worth it to me! Not so much to Maggie though! HaHa!

The workers were going around saying "If you are scared of heights do NOT go up! There are only 2 ways down and we will have to push you either way!"  Apparently people had been getting to the top and freezing and wanting back down! But there was no way to get down once you were up there! :)

I know you can't see around that blue side up there, but those were the "grips" you used to get up the slide. While waiting, we saw MANY people slip (but not fall) and that just upped the anticipation of it all! We saw some racing up and I knew that that was NOT something I would do! Ha! Maggie actually beat me up, because I was taking my time and refused to slip! 

We then got to the top and we were ready to go!

Or at least I was! lol
Maggie got a little scared! But she finally took off!

Oh and I'm hoping you CANNOT see my face, because I was screaming and made the most horrible face that my brother captured! I'm pretty sure they were laughing at us again the whole time! 

Yes that is a huge splash of muddy water that I practically swallowed!
A lot of people were jokingly asking if the mud was sanitary! lol

And here we are SUPER muddy and soaking wet!
Wearing my Vibram Five Fingers was the best thing I could ever wear! They were not heavy like all of the running shoes I saw! Maggie says hers were weighted down and we heard a lot of squishing going on! HaHa!

Happy for that to be over and the race is almost over! 

And here is the finish! A 30' slip n slide!

We built up speed and took off!

I love this picture, because my head looks like it's floating in foam!

And this one, because Maggie's face looks like it's floating!

And we DEFINITELY inhaled foam on this one!

I had found out they had towels at the end of this so you could wipe the foam out of your face, but by the time we got through, they were out.

COVERED in foam! I love it!
If you notice, our shirts are no longer white! 
Looks like I will need some bleach, because after 5 washes, they still aren't white!
We were the only dumb ones to wear white! lol :)

And we got our medals!! :)

And then of course we enjoyed our complimentary beer! We had earned it!

This is Janie! She was one of the race entry winners from my blog!
She said it was the best run! :)

And this is the front and back of the shirts we got! They are actually really cute, and I'll be wearing it again! :)

Thank you Maggie for running with me!
Thank you Connie for being the best babysitter ever!
Thank you to my brother Jeff for taking all of these awesome pictures for me!!! :)

And Thank you so much to the 5K Foam Fest for supplying tickets to run this race!
And also for the tickets I was able to give away!

This race was a lot of fun and I would recommend it to anyone!
I've heard they are coming back to Dallas in April, and I hope I have the opportunity to do it again!
Check out their website here to see if they will be coming near you!

*I received tickets for this blog post, but all opinion are my own.

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  1. This sounds like a fun race! Thanks for sharing about it:)

  2. That looks awesome! I'd be ok with the slide, it's the mud up my nose I wouldn't like. :)

  3. Your shirts are very cute! Looks like the race was fun :)

  4. that looks like so much fun. will have to see if one is coming near our area.

  5. this run looks sooooo awesome! I want to do it! They must come to PA! (:

  6. Oh man, that looks like tons of fun!!! I think they're coming to Detroit (or maybe a different foam run) in the summer!! Awesome!!

  7. I abolutely LOVE blogs with lots of photos! They tell such a story! It looks like you had a TON of fun!
    Cheers and welcome to the Girls Gone Sporty gang!

  8. P.S. Also joined your blog with Google Friend Connect and followed your on Twitter and Facebook! Feel free to connect back with me! My blog is
    Cheers(again)! Tara


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