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Vampire Run 5K!

I ran the Vampire Run 5K on Saturday. 
Me and Sophie dressed  up as Pumpkins!
Isn't she the cutest little pumpkin princess?! :)
If I want to give an honest race report, I must say I was a bit disappointed with most of the race. It started out bad and ended "eh".
I showed up an hour and a half early to pic up my bib and shirt. I had forgotten to pick them up on Friday, which was my own fault. They had most of the park blocked off for the race and 2 cops told me to turn around and go park at this certain parking lot. I said ok and did as I was told. I then walked and walked and walked....and walked. I wish I had turned on my Nike + to see how far it was, but I'm sure it was at least a mile and a half. I had one guy wearing a race bib ask me if I was walking the course beforehand! Um...Not on purpose! 
After asking about 5-6 different people, I found out the bib pick up was on the other side of the park from where I parked! So once I got my bib, I was already tired! I had already been at the park for 30 minutes trying to find the race start!
I got my bib, found my friends and we all went down to the start. We sat around for a while and took pictures of everyone's cute costumes. 
Thing 1 and Thing 2 photobombed our photo! haha

They wanted a do-over! :)

Representing Moms RUN This Town! :)
The race actually started on time, which was a good thing! Sophie was already starting to get cranky since we got there early during her naptime, so she missed her nap. :/ She stayed awake the entire time screaming DaDa! She really missed her DaDa! Or she was trying to say dog...One of the 2. :) 
I was off to a pretty good start weaving in and out of walkers and trying no to go out too fast. I tend to do that. Oops :) Going along and my Nike says 1.5 miles and I'm still going strong and then I see a sign that says "Mile 2" I look at my Nike and it says 1.7 miles. That's not mile 2, So I already know this wasn't good. I just hoped that maybe the Mile 3 sign was a bit farther out or something. I kept on going and I see a woman standing on the coarse and she's telling us all "one more curve and then mile 3!" I then round that corner, and out behind a rock and some trees come these 6 young girls who were dressed with very little clothing on and nothing running related. Not even a pair of Nike's. But they had running bibs on. They lined up across the street right in front of me walking to where I had to get in the grass to go around them. I was first ticked off that they practically skipped the whole race. Then I was mad because they cut me off and wouldn't move over to let me run pass them! Then I see the finish line and of course, decide to do what I call a sprint! Those 6 girls cut me off AGAIN at the finish line! They ran and got in front of me and I had to slow down so I wouldn't roll over them with my stroller! I was so mad. Then I looked at my Nike and it said 2.77 miles. Really? Not even a real 5K? Yeah. I wasn't very pleased.

My "official" time was 38:57. I would be ecstatic if I knew this was my real time.
But alas, I know it's not. :/
I met up with my friends afterwards and they said that everyone had been talking about how the course was marked wrong. Oh well. Guess I'll have to wait till the Thanksgiving 5000 5K to find out my new pace. 

Sophie trying to push the jogging stroller!
She was trying so hard to reach the handle! :)

Afterwards we were told there would be Trick or Treating and carnival type things to do with the kids. There was a bouncy house. That's it. A small bouncy house for all of those kids. Sophie did have fun walking around and picking up sticks though! Then we had to walk the mile and a half back to the the the middle of a very scary park. I called my mom and she talked to me the whole time "just in case". I gave Sophie a cool Foam Glow Stick to play with so everyone could see us.
And of course I carried my Personal Saver pepper spray! :)
The whole thing was a bit disappointing to me. I guess I was expecting a fun Halloween themed night that would be super fun for Sophie too! Instead, I didn't even run a full 5K and Sophie got a stick. Charlie Brown got a rock, and Sophie got a stick! HaHa :)
Ending on a positive note...
Sophie and I were super cute pumpkins! :)

Personal Saver Pepper Spray


  1. Love your post! It made me laugh! The race was a huge let down. I'm super bummed that it wasn't better organized and that there were no fun Halloween activities for our kiddos, but we all did look pretty fabulous in our costumes:)

  2. Sorry the race was disappointing but wow you both made up for it in cuteness!


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