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Some of my Favorite Things!

I just wanted to share some of my favorite Running gear right now! :)

I'll start with the one thing that everyone knows I already love...

I've been using it for a a few weeks now and I'm still in Love!
I'm not sure how I've lived without it these past 15 months!
You can read my BOB "review" here! :)

My newest favorite thing are my hotpink Locklaces!

They are elastic shoelaces that  tighten by a "lock". They make it easy for me to just slip my shoe on and go! They are also wonderful because I have had issues with my shoelaces being too tight on the top of my foot and these fix that problem! No more pain! I wish I had known about these forever ago! I will have them on all of my future running shoes!

I love their moto!

Now onto something that I think every single person who is active outside should own.
Pepper Spray.

In this case the Personal Saver and the Wrist Saver.

This i the Personal Saver
I carry it on my keychain everywhere I go. Since I mainly run with my daughter in the jogging stroller, I always have my keys with me. Therefore, I ALWAYS have my Personal Saver with me. It makes me feel more safe than I would be without it. It also has a light with it, which has come in handy trying to get in the house in the dark! I also have to admit that I love that it comes in Pink! It also comes in black for the guys or girls who don't care for pink. :)

 This is the Wrist Saver.
 It. Is. Awesome!
When I do get a chance to go run by myself, I never leave the house without this!
I have had mine since June, and I actually ran after dark several time while I was down at my parents home. (Southeast Texas near the Gulf of Mexico) Let me jut say it is HOT there in June. Even after dark. In the 90's with 100% humidity. There is so much water in the air that any sweat wicking material doesn't work, because there is no place for it to wick to! But I wore this and I honestly forgot it was even there! It did not bother me, rub my skin, or even cause my wrist to sweat! (Yes I have a device that does that...more on that in a bit.) And if you look closely to the right of the picture, you can see that this one comes with a light as well! It saved me MANY times when there wasn't a street light and it was pitch black, but I could see things moving! haha Usually it was a black cat, but it was great to be able to shine that light and see! It's so bright! I really do love this Wrist Saver and wish more people would carry pepper spray with them when the go out alone. Dy or Night! There have been far to many kidnappings of lone runners here lately. This is absolutely worth every penny, just for a bit more peace of mind!

Next thing on my favorite things list is my Nike + app on my iPhone!

As someone who is bit OCD (yes, just a bit mother lol) I love being able to have all of my runs recorded! It tells me how long I ran, my pace, GPS, my splits, etc. It has been reliable almost the entire time. I've had 3 runs that haven't recorded since I began using the app in January of this year. That's really not ba at all. The last 2 have been in the past week and I think it has something to do with the new iPhone update. I know it will get fixed soon enough! Now I'm just trying to decide if I should take it to the next level and get either the Sportband or the Fuelband. The Sportband is pretty awesome because it's waterproof and I could use it in the rain and I wouldn't have to bring out my iPhone all the time. Downside is I would have to worry about the sensor on my shoe. Not a horrible downside, just something different I don't have to do with the App. Now the FuelBand is even more awesome and it tracks everything you do throughout the entire day and converts it to "Nike Fuel". I like this option because someday I would love to train for a Triathalon and I would love to have my Bike recorded as well. Downside to this is the price! haha :) Plus I already have another gadget to record all of this as well, which brings me to my next favorite thing!

My MotoActv!

I had used a Garmin 305 for the longest time, but then I received this to try out and haven't converted back to Garmin! It records everything that my Nike + app does, but I like having it on my wrist so I can also see the time and it shows me my pace automatically instead of having to read it after I finish my run. I really do like it, but there are a few downsides. First, it's still new and there are some kinks and bugs still being worked out. Second, it ONLY syncs with a Moto phone. Having an iPhone means I can't connect with some of the cool features. Third, it makes my wrist sweat so bad! (Told you I would get back to that!) It makes sweat run down my wrist and on top of my hand and makes it itchy! But...I still tolerate it and continue to wear it! 

That concludes my new Favorite Running Gear List!

I'm hoping to add to this as I try out new things and I like them enough to share! 
I just have to make a decision about a new tracker (Garmin, Nike +, MotoActv) and I want some new Headphones!

Do you have any things that are your favorite right now that you would like to share?
I would love to hear about them!

Which Tracker do you have, and are you still looking for a "better" option?


  1. Boy I'd like to try those laces. You got me interested with the 'tied too tight' comment. But I've tried others and it's left me skeptical. I'll give it some thought. Like the pink too.

    1. May I ask what you didn't like about the others? Just curious! :) And thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. those are some great favorites to share!!! i especially love the wrist saver!! spa love!

  3. I'm pretty sure I'd end up spraying myself in the face with that bracelet contraption. haha I'm a mess when I run...

    1. lol It does have a "lock" on it to keep you from doing that! :)

  4. I love the Nike+ app and have also been considering the Nike Sport Watch. My biggest issue is the music, when I run alone I have to have music. It plays music but the head phones would have to be strung up my arm. Not the best scenario but I'm willing to try it!.

    1. I thought it played music, but now looking at it I can't see that it does. If not, it's off my list. I'll look at the new Nano with Nike+ built in, it also syncs with a heart rate strap if you have one.

    2. Ohhh I didn't even think of that! I can't run without my music either! Thank you for bringing that up! :)

  5. I need that wrist saver, hubs worries when I go running constantly

    1. Yeah my hubby worries about me too! He's glad I found this! :)


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