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#plankaday / #WickedWallies

I have gotten back into Twitter since I have become a #Sweatpink Ambassador.
I realized that the running blog world can be very inspiring and motivating on Twitter. You can see into the everyday lives of these real people attempting to become (and stay) healthy, just like me! I have actually enjoyed "following" new people and getting tips, inspirational quotes, healthy recipes, and constant support and motivation from these new Twitter friends. It feels so great when your post has been retweeted or someone  replies back to your tweet! It has actually helped me to stay on track and keep my mind on what my main focus is. Which is, being the healthiest me I can be! 

In saying all of that, I have been seeing the hashtags #plankaday and #WickedWallies all over Twitter for the past few weeks. I had to dig a bit to find out exactly what it was, but basically it's just people doing a Plank a day (duh!) and then doing Wall Sits. They time themselves and see how long they can go with each and then post it on Twitter!

I decided to give it a try last night! Don't Laugh!

Yes. Those are seconds...not minutes! HaHa! :)
I posted it on Twitter saying At least I tried!
And I did! I tried my best for the first time doing either! 

I also have decided to start doing Kettle Bell Swings every night! I started with 25 tonight and plan on working my way up slowly to 50 a day! :)

My version of every night, sadly, means when I actually remember! I know that I will get motivation when I see all of the other people showing their times on Twitter though! The competitor in me will come out and I will want to do it! Just to say I did! I'm hoping to increase both times to a minute! That's my first goal! Then I will go from there! 

I'm excited to have a new challenge! I am hoping it will help in my running. I know your core is very important in running, so hoping all 3 of these exercises will help me to improve! :)

Thanks Twitter friends for being there to motivate me and push me to try something new when I just want to sit on my big booty! :)

Have any of you ever heard of #plankaday or #WickedWallies?
Anybody willing to take on this challenge with me? :)

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  1. good job on your #plankaday! dont compare yourself to anyone but yourself. You are doing great!


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