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Wow! I did not post the entire month of August! It has been crazy around here, so let me just sum up the month for you...

On August 1st, I came home after telling my Grandma Goodbye and the family laying her to rest with Jesus.

The next two weeks were spent trying to get back into a routine, going to church, getting involved in a new "Village" at church, and celebrating my hubby's 28th Birthday! 

Then Sophie and I went on a Family Vacation with my family to Wimberley, TX! I'm about to Overload you with pictures now! :)

Getting ready to go! :)

Yay! We made it! And we beat Grammy & Grampa! Now we must wait! 

I took a pic every morning to send to daddy and tell him Good Morning! :) 

Pretty Hummingbird on the porch! :)

Stopping to eat some apples at Subway for lunch while shopping at the Tanger Outlet Mall in San Marcos! It was awesome! We shopped till we all dropped! :)

Sophie and I went on a hike with Grampa! It was fun! :) 

More Morning pics with her cheesy grin! :)

We went to this awesome place called The Blue Hole to swim! It was so pretty, but all of the water was in the shade and it was FREEZING! But we still had lots of fun! :)

Us girls being silly on the porch! :)

 Riding a deer!

And riding a different type of "Deere"! haha :) She had so much fun letting Grampa pull her around on the tractor! :)

One of the views we had! So pretty!

Having fun with Grampa as we waited for Brunch!

So silly when she wakes up! :)

Riding in the wagon with Sadie! 

Sadie helping my dad cook dinner one night! She actually had back surgery about a month before this picture and she was already getting so much better at walking again! Now she's walking like a champ! :)

After we got back from Vacation, MiMi and Poppy (my in-laws) came to visit us!

 We ate at a lot of different restaurants including Cracker Barrel! 

And Chick-fil-a!

She had lots of fun playing with them while I went shopping! haha :)

Then, our air conditioner went out and we had to stay at our awesome friends apartment! They are so amazing that they gave up their own bed and slept on the couch for us! They are the sweetest people ever! 

Having our Morning Coffee at their house! Don't you just love their little Dining area! So cute! Thank you again Brad and Jackie! You guys are the greatest!! :)

Then, this past week I have started running almost everyday with my Moms RUN This Town ladies!

We meet by the duck pond, so we see lots of ducks and geese! The geese are HUGE and scary! lol  

When the kiddo's get cranky, we stop to play at the park! 

She slept for about a mile before we got to the park this day. :)

This is our awesome group that met up this past Thursday the 30th!
We had fun! :)

Then yesterday, the very last day of August, we went to Barned and Noble for a playdate! They had story time and Sophie had fun pulling all the books off the shelves! 

I ended up buying her these 3 books and she is now in the Kids Club!
The green book is called The Belly Button Book and it is so cute!
Sophie has just discovered her Belly Button, so this is perfect!
Every time I read it, she lifts up her shirt and points to her Belly Button!
She is just too cute! :)

And now you are all caught up on my month of August!

September is going to be awesome! No trips scheduled (as of right now), so I can get in the groove with my running! I will hopefully have a chance to blog more as well! I may be having my very first giveaway this month too!

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!!! :)


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! <3 I'm excited to follow your blog. I'm sorry about your grandmother, I know it's tough to lose amazing women like that but I take comfort knowing that we'll see their beautiful smiles again! Oh, and your daughter is absolutely adorable!

    1. Thanks for stopping by mine as well! :) And yes It does make me feel better to know I will see my Grandmother again one day! And thank you about my daughter! We think she is pretty cute too lol :) You will always see too many pics of her on here! lol :)


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