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New 5K PR! :)

I realized I never wrote about my awesome 8 miler! Running during the Princesses nap time actually worked! It took 2 miles for her to actually fall asleep, but then she stayed asleep until around mile 6.5 and was happy and chewing on her toys until mile 8! I was so proud of her! And myself for running 8 miles! :) It was during the day, kinda cold, and there was a pretty strong breeze. It was a pretty day! The only problem I had was going against the wind with the sunshade down on the stroller blocking Sophie's face. It was basically like running with a giant shield in front of you pushing against the wind. It made it much more difficult, so I took several walk breaks. Especially up the hills. Those were killer with the wind added to them! But I kept going and I kept running! I really was so excited that my body had accomplished something that awesome! Afterwards, my legs felt like jello. I could barely walk, much less chase a crawling 7 month old around! haha That was fun! :) But I am still proud I did that! :)

It's been down hill ever since...

I lost my gumption. I got discouraged. I hurt. The princess wouldn't go to bed at night. She also wouldn't take her naps without putting up a HUGE fight. I was mentally and physically exhausted. I couldn't handle adding miles into my schedule. So I stopped. Last Tuesday, I set out to run 5 miles. I had missed my 3 miles on Monday and just thought I could do my Wednesday 5 miles a day ahead. Needless to say...after 2 miles I quit. I couldn't do it. I was still hurting (hips and knees) and I was just not there mentally. I came home crying and so disappointed in myself. My wonderful husband assured me that 2 miles was better than sitting on the couch and told me I did a great job for just getting out there. :) He's awesome like that. :) But I was still mad at myself. Instead of taking that and throwing it into my running. I just stopped...again...I was supposed to run 10 miles on Saturday. Did I even consider it? Nope. I know that's sad for me to even say, but...It's the truth. Inside though...I still wanted to run! Just not 10 miles! :)

Tonight, I went out to run at least 2 miles. I ended up running a 5K and at a new PR for myself! I shaved almost 2 whole minutes per mile off my time! I was pretty darn proud! My goal when I started running and this blog was to run a 5K under 45 minutes. That was back in 2010. I ran it in 43 minutes tonight! I have completed my first goal! I now have many more to accomplish and I am excited to accomplish them one at a time! :) 

Tonight, I also gave up the thought of me trying to train for a half. I have almost decided that it is not for me right now. I have other goals and another person that needs me there instead of running for 3 hours. I say almost, because in the back of mind, I think I could still go out there and run/walk the half. I don't know if I want to pay that kind of money to go into it thinking I would walk most of it. I would rather my first half be something special and where I know I can get in there and RUN most of it, if not all of it! 

Right now, I want to concentrate on 5K's, 10K's, and losing some weight. My weight is truly holding me back. I need to get my eating in order. I need to concentrate on being healthy for my daughter. Not whether or not I can squeeze 10-12 miles in 1 day for 3-4 hours of running. It's not for me right now. That is hard for me to admit. I want to be SuperMom and do it all! I want to be one of those Bad Mother Runner's whose blogs I read! I keep having to remind myself that I am still a Runner...And a Mother... It doesn't matter how many miles I put in...Or how many miles I sit out for the sake of my daughter... I am still a Runner at Heart. 


  1. Sarah you are an amazing person and a wonderful mom & runner! And Cody is right... it doesn't matter how many miles you run, just that you're out there giving it your all! :) Girl I am so proud of you and love that we have this in common to talk about and support each other! If you decide to come down and do The Gusher 5K, let me know! Damien is going to run/walk the 5K and I think some of us girls are going to try to meet for dinner the night before :) I totally understand about where you are coming from on the 1/2! You have to do what is best for you in your life, and I agree....wait and do a half when you are ready and when it will be special for you because you only get to run the first 1/2 marathon once! :) Love you lady and keep that chin up because you are awesome <3


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