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Good Day :)

I had a pretty good day today. This was one of my hubby's days off, and he watched our lil S, while I went grocery shopping! It was nice to be able to look around the store without having a baby strapped to me! :) When I go shopping I usually wear her in a Baby Bjorn, because she is so much happier next to me instead of being in a carseat in a buggy. Now don't get me wrong, I love being a stay at home mom, especially to my lil princess (she SERIOUSLY is the best baby ever), but every once in a while you need to get out by yourself! :) Then I got home and I decided I wanted to go for a run...without the stroller...So my hubby stayed with her again and I went on an hour run/walk! It was fantabulous!  It was a beautiful day, and I went farther on my trail than I had gone before and ended up at a park!  Well, they call it a "park", but really it's a bike trail through a bunch of tree's...which is perfect by the way! The tree's gave me some shade and there was actually a little bit of green! (Most everything here is dead...We have been in a drought FOR...E...VER!!!) I even got a Sunburn...after just an hour! Craziness! I decided to snap this lil pic of me enjoying myself :)

Later, I realized that these sunglasses are ginormous and I probably shouldn't wear them in public. :)

I FINALLY started Week 3 of C25K! Then, after I walked a bit more, I ran for 6 min. and 40 sec straight! I probably would have tried to make an even 7, but that last minute I was running up a hill and I wimped out. :) Nevertheless, I am pretty proud of myself! I think I could complete a 5K right now. It may not be with a good time, and I might have to walk some, but I could complete it! :) It has now been 3 months since I had my baby girl, (YES 3 months ALREADY!) and I have no more exscuses. It is finally getting cooler outside (Yes 93 is cooler!) and I need to just get out there!

So I am writing this hoping I will receive some encouraging words, and some JUST DO IT attitude from people! I need a good push and people to hold me accountable! I need to lose this baby fat! I may have lost the "pounds", but everything else "adjusted" itself! Can we say Junk in the trunk? :) I will hopefully be running again on Wednesday, especially since I know I won't be able to move after today! :) 

Hope everyone has a good night! (Or Morning now)

I leave you with a couple of pics of pure 3 month old adorableness!


  1. She is adorable! And good for you for getting out there and running just 3 months after having a baby!!! That is awesome. I'm pretty sure I was still sitting on the couch crying about how fat I and lazy I was after mine were still 6months old. haha That's why I am now busting rear and always running running running! haha
    You totally CAN run a 5k!!!

  2. I've missed your awesome blog for a while, and I am SO SO proud of you for getting out there again! Good on your hubby for taking care of your princess while you had some serious "me" time. You did amazing today, and I bet you feel great about it. Keep it up!

  3. That's awesome girl!! I am so proud of you :) I'm on week 4 right now... basically because I slacked for 2 weeks and had to redo both week 3 and week 4 lol. I keep getting a side stitch in my last 5 minute interval of running. I know it's because I'm not breathing very controlled. But it HURTS. How fast do you run your running intervals? I was kind of curious to know this because I can't seem to find a pace that I stick with the whole time? Any help is appreciated!! Again, I think it's awesome that you're back out there running after 3 months... big inspiration for those people both with and in my case, without, kids!

  4. Thank you ladies! Jesica...I don't try to stick to a certain pace right now...I'm still just trying to keep running and not stop breathing! lol So I can't really tell you! Sorry! I will work on that later! lol My short term goal would be to run a 12 min. mile and try to stick to that....but right now, I'm pretty sure someone walking could pass me up! Haha! :)

  5. all that matter is that you're out there running!! Keep up the good work girlie :) I'm not very fast either and at the end of each 5 minute run interval I feel like I'm ready to pass out lol

  6. First - I love love love the pics of your little precious angel... she is so cute. :)

    Also, the fact that you are out and starting is an acomplishment! Keep that mindset and you WILL do it. I am already thinking about what I will need to do after my little one is here and I am ready to start now. I know once I get there I won't want to though.... but think about how active you will be able to be once Sophie gets to crawling and running around! I know that is something I think about. I want to have more energy and feel better about myself when my little girl is wanting to run around. Hang in there and I look forward to your post about how well you are doing. :)

    I need to update mine.... I am slacking. LOL but I will.

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