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Half a Mile

Tonight's run went GREAT!
I feel fabulous! Instead of repeating W5D1 and doing more 5 min. runs, I decided to test myself and go for W5D2 and do the 8 min. runs and see how far I could go. I headed out by myself tonight. No hubby to cheer me on. I had my Workout playlist to keep my mind busy instead. :) I started out walking at a good pace. Then it was time to run. I started slow of course, but it was a good pace for me. The track I run on has 1/4 mile markers all the way through, and when I started running, I actually started on the marker. I was happy about this, so I could see how far I would go running the 8 min. Well I ran past the first one, excited. Then I ran past another one....At this point I actually had my hands in the air, because I was so excited! I probably would have screamed for joy, but there were people in front of me, and I didn't want to look to much like a freak. lol. But I was excited. I then walked for 5 min. I started the second 8 min. run and it felt fabulous! I am even more excited now, because I have kinda just ran a mile! Yes, I had a 5 min. walk in between, but still! And that was the end of the C25K program for this day. But...I wasn't finished. I decided to run another half a mile just for me! And I did!!! When I hit the 1st 1/4 mile marker, my "power song" Stronger, by Kaye West, came on. I love this song and it definitely kept me going!  So I ended up running a mile and a half by the end of my run!!! Yay me!!! I re-hydrated myself with a Pineapple Vita CoCo afterward. 

It was very yummy. :)

Funny thing happened on that last half mile though...I almost got ran over by a bunch of bikers! I turned a corner and I saw a bunch of lights coming at me. Mind you, I am on a track, not a street, so I knew it wasn't car lights. Apparently, about 20-30 bicyclers decided to come out for a ride in the dark. I had a pink shirt on, but black pants, and like I said, they had lights. Do you know that not one of them saw me until they were almost right on top of me! They almost pushed me off the sidewalk into the grass!  It makes me think maybe I need to have a headlamp on when I run now!  I don't want to get hit by the bicycle gang! HaHa :)

On another note...A not so fun thing happened to me yesterday...Samson decided that this little toy
was his and only his. So he bit She-Ra. 
So me, being the big bad momma that I am, decided to take it away from him. Well he did not like this so much and decided to do this to me...

I know it's not a very good picture, but I have 6 hole's in my thumb that should not be there. One of them is under my thumb nail. My thumb is swollen, and I can't bend it. It hurts pretty bad. So my husband is walking around with back pain and I can't use my thumb. We are a pretty sad sight. He can't bend over to pick up anything, and I can't open anything!  I'm right handed, so of course it had to be might right thumb. Of course. You don't realize how much you use your thumb, until it's wrapped up in a bandage and hurts to be touched. Like turning a key to lock or un-lock your house. Or trying to text. Or trying to reach in your pocket for something and the bandage gets stuck. HaHa. So now I am praying for no infection. I was so glad to have my extra Nursing supplies left over from my clinical days! They came in extra handy last night! :) So tonight, I ran with a bandaged thumb. And Samson will no longer get stuffed toys.... :)


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