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Week 2 Day 1...Again

I had done Week 2 Day 1 on Wed. July 21st, then life happened and I was never able to start day 2.

I decided to restart Week 2 on Monday the 26th. I actually had someone running with me that day, so I was not listening to music, I just had the prompts on. Well...I realized that I do NOT know how to breath while running! It was horrible! I was actually kinda embarrassed! So now one of my main concentrations will have to be working on my breathing techniques.

Since I was more occupied on how horrible I sounded breathing, I was not concentrating on how I was running and my leg technique, so now....I have shin splints again! Arggg! It hurt to walk or stretch my legs yesterday!  I took my one day off and today I am actually starting to feel a little bit better, so I am considering running this evening or maybe tomorrow evening. I'm not sure. But I have even stayed off the elliptical, trying to get them to heal quicker.  I just feel like a bum now because I am not doing anything.

I have been considering buying some kinesio tape and learning how to tape my shins up for my runs. I will be looking into that.

Today I received my ChiRunning book!!! I am so excited to start reading this and learn new techniques on running properly! Hopefully this will even help my shin splints!

This morning I decided to try Healthy Tipping Point's Pancake Truffle Recipe! It was so good! After I made it, I realized it called for almond milk, and I had actually used Fat Free milk. It was still good though! I am interested in tasting the difference when I try it with the almond milk instead! I will have to make them again soon! They are easy to make, healthy, and yummy! :)

Hopefully I will be finishing week 2 this week and starting week 3. I have less than 4 months to get my act together before the Turkey Trot! :)


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