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#SweatPink Ambassador!

I am so incredibly excited to have been chosen as a #SweatPink Ambassador!

When I saw the #SweatPink hashtag starting to pop up all over Twitter and Facebook, I had to find out what it was about! I researched and found out about the ambassador program and decided to apply!

Several of my friends have been asking me what this means, so I thought I would explain!
First, this is what has to say about the ambassador program...

Do you have a passion for inspiring others on their journeys to health? Do you believe that strong is the new skinny, pink is the new black, and that a positive attitude and whole foods are a healthier route to happiness than self-loathing and 100-calorie snack packs?
If you answered yes to all the questions above, you are an ideal candidate for becoming a Sweat Pink™ Ambassador!

Who are Sweat Pink™ ambassadors?
  • Enthusiastic health nuts who loves sweating and eating well, but can also appreciate the finer things in life (chocolate, cheese, wine…) 
  • Natural leaders . They motivate those around them to achieve their best, and set an example of healthy, positive living. They set up running clubs for their friends, and organize gym dates early in the morning or after work. They get their co-workers to try yoga, and to order fruit instead of donuts for meetings. 
  • Passionate . Whether they go gaga for green smoothies or tear up the floor every day at Zumba, there’s something about living well that really gets them going, and their enthusiasm is infectious. 
  • Curious . Always looking out for the latest fitness or foodie craze, eager to learn, connect, share, and discover.
It is a Sweat Pink movement and I'm proud to be apart of it!
One of the co-founders of the Fit Approach explained one of the reasons she started the "movement" Here. It's a really good blog post about how you shouldn't judge a runner by her pigtails and pink shoes! :)

 We use the pink shoelaces as a symbol of the movement!
You can actually get some from me if you would like to be apart of the #SweatPink movement!

The reason I applied for the Ambassador program is because I answered yes to all of those questions above and agreed with everything they said a #SweatPink ambassador is! 

I definitely love to sweat and if I'm going to be sweating, it might as well be in pink shoelaces and anything else pink I can find! :)

I never actually thought of myself as a leader until I read it on their page. I do like to motivate people. I did set up a running club for moms in my area! (Moms RUN This Town!) I set up runs for them and run at times when I sometimes don't want to! I know we all need the motivation though! :) Although I don't have any co-workers, I try to get everyone else I know to run! I actually just recently found out I inspired a family member to try out the Couch to 5K program and she just finished her 20 min run in week 5! I am so proud of her! I can't believe I had a very small part in getting her started! :)

I do feel very passionate about running (some would even say crazy haha) and I have started to become just as passionate about my food choices. I haven't had any Soda since march of this year and I despise fast food. I have 2 fast food restaurants that still have me under their spell though. Sonic, because of the convenience and price (and maybe their Sweet Tea 😁 ) and Chick Fil-A, because I just really love their chicken! :)

I am VERY curious about everything fitness and health related! I am definitely eager to learn and love finding new blogs to read or follow new people on Twitter, just to find something I hadn't heard of before! If I wasn't curious, I wouldn't have found out about #SweatPink! :)

I believe this will hold me even more accountable for my running and eating!
I don't want to let anyone down! Especially myself!
That is why I am excited to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador!

I love my new Sweat Pink tank! :)

So, if you see me put #SweatPink on EVERYTHING, you will know why! 
If you want to join me in the Sweat Pink movement, just let me know and I can get you a pair of Pink shoelaces! :) 


  1. Welcome to Sweat Pink! It's a fun group of people to be a part of, and we're happy to have you here:)

  2. Welcome to Sweat Pink! I love the post :-). How cool that you set up a running club.

    Oh - and he tank looks amazing!

  3. I'd love to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador!


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